Take Me To Space

Hey everyone, today we’re going to talk about astronomy. Astronomy is not only my passion it is also a hobby. I love stargazing on my balcony and out from my kitchen window. Searching for the plough and from there locating Jupiter, which you can still can get a few of. I love getting my telescope out on clear summer nights and look at the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and the stars.

Astrophotography is something I’m really into and love experimenting with. I need to buy an adapter for my phone to plug on my telescope because I do have trouble making pictures, I usually just squeeze my camera through the lens when I have the 10mm , as the hole is super small. With 20mm the lens is bigger which makes it easier but the objects are further away so I just go through the extra trouble to get closer objects and this way better pictures. Something that has been passing by a lot is the International Space Station (ISS) however, the ISS is really difficult to photograph as it passes by quite quickly but I managed to get a nice shot of it. My favorite thing to photograph is for sure the moon. One of the main reasons for this is that it is a close object, therefore it is easy to get a lot of detail in one small picture. You get to see all the craters as well as the tranquility sea. Another reason is that I find the idea of people having stood on the moon extraordinary.

1918The fact that humans can go beyond our world and experience something that we only see in movies or series… I  don’t know how to explain this in a more sensible way.



Anyway, moving on. Something else I have nice views of is Jupiter, now Jupiter is something I have gotten a few of since January and it does get tinier as the earth spins further through the seasons. Nevertheless, it’s still something I recommend looking for if you have a telescope or even binoculars. As well as Jupiter you can also see it’s star, Spica. Most of the time when you see 2 bright objects about a meter apart, it could be Jupiter and Spica. For stargazing with my telescope I like to just put the 20mm lens on and not have a particular object to look at but just randomly move the telescope and look at different star clusters. Though I can’t photograph the clusters as the sky is too dark. But I like to see it as an adventure. I usually just put the 10mm with the Shorty 2x Barlow (which is an extender to look even further) as this gives me the best result for looking at more distant objects.


I also like drawing the constellations and stars that I see in a notebook, which i really do recommend for the sole purpose of being able to do research and to actually see objects in the sky as well as the ancient stories and discoveries behind the objects and stars.

Now, you guys should have seen this coming but here is my little solar eclipse rant. I’m really sad we could’t really experience it here in Europe. The next total solar eclipse in Europe will be in 2026. And I don’t have that kind of patience. However, I am already excited for it 🙂 For now though I’m going to stay simple with locating objects in the night skies and I will continue experimenting with my telescope as well as my camera.

I think this concludes today’s post, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and that you are all as excited for the next solar eclipse as I am.

Sara, out 🙂

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