How to get over a cold quickly; 5 tips

So I recently got a cold and I actually got over it quickly (I hate colds, I mean nobody likes them, but I really, really hate colds) I decided to give myself a ‘’cold boot camp’’ where I tried to squeeze a cold that usually lasts 5 days for me in 3 or less days. So my ‘’cold boot camp’’ actually worked and I got over my cold within 3 days. It was quite the adventure. Basically what you would do for 5 days of having a cold, I tried to do everything a step ahead. I literally had all the symptoms in 3 days. So here is a list of 5 things that helped me get over my cold quickly.

  1. Magic drink

this tip is actually going to take you on a trip to the past. When I was little and couldn’t sleep or was sick of whatever, my mom used to make me a drink called ‘’magic drink’’ and she never told me the ingredients (I guess it gave me the actual magic thought since it never failed and I would think my mom was a magic fairy). Couple years ago I asked her what the actual ingredients were and she said: ‘’milk, honey and lemon peel’’. So there you go, a recipe for sleeping tight (and not letting the bed bugs bite) and sleeping warm and comfy (it’s all in the milk, boiss). So the milk is for making you sleep better (Idk how that works but ye), the honey for soothing the throat and the lemon for disinfecting. It’s actually really tasty and is an alternative to any other weird tasting, nasty liquid things.

  1. Tissues

If you ain’t got tissues you’ve got issues. Literally. I suggest buying a multi-pack of tissues because they’re going to be your best friend 2.0 during your cold. The trick here is to blow you nose rather than sniffing it back up, I always see people doing this and it doesn’t do anything useful. You’re just moving the bacteria closer to the brains where they tickle you, anyway. As I said. Blowing my nose also helps me being able to sleep better at night as I don’t get a stuffed nose and makes me breathe properly as well as getting my taste buds working again.

  1. Water

Drinking lots of water is basically going to make you pee more (to say it bluntly) and peeing is peeing out the bacteria, now this might be a theory of mine but it could well be true. I feel like it really works because you’re cleaning out your whole system. It’s like getting a cleanse. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, I suggest putting a slice of lemon in it, or some honey. And if you want to be even more extra, make yourself some warm water and honey. Nothing else. Just warm water and honey. This helps soothe the throat and it helps with disinfecting.

  1. Sleep

Now this a tip that you’ve probably heard before and it really doesn’t seem like a big deal. But really, between blowing your nose and drinking tea or water, I usually don’t feel like doing much but hibernate at home and keep warm. So sleep is the only other thing you can do. Getting sleepy sometimes doesn’t come easy but even lying down and watching a series, reading a book or whatever makes you feel better and does something. Basically: rest is important. It works every time, your body rests and does something new every day trying to overcome the cold, try speeding up that process by sleeping and resting.

  1. That syrupy thing we all had as a kid

Now I don’t really know what it’s called but I’m just going to call it syrupy thing. That syrupy thingy is basically for like the last day or so. I usually only cough a lot during the last couple of days. This is going to sound nasty but there’s a lot of slime and bacteria stuck in your lungs from the cold, so the only way to get it out is to cough, by drinking that syrupy thingy actually helps loosen it all up and getting it all out. It might not be tasty, but think about the bacteria :/ that’s not tasty either. So, drink it and cough all you want. just don’t try coughing out your lungs, I don’t suggest it. The syrup is just as magical as the magic drink. It usually works within half an hour and it really makes you breathe better and helps with all the slime as well as the cough.

So that is it for my tips, I hope I helped you in some way! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and I hope you all get over your colds quicker and that’ll you’ll all feel better. And I will write you next time!

Sara, out 🙂


disclaimer: I ain’t no doctah, but these are tips that worked based on my experience, so don’t ask me to show me my medicine degree because I don’t have one.

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