Favourite Fridaaayyyyyy

October 2017

Hey Everyone! I hope you’re ready for another Favourite Friday. Let me just get started by saying something that I’ll probably say every month from now on: IT’S ALREADY ALMOST THE END OF OCTOBER?????? Like I swear it was the 2nd of October a minute ago…. Anyway, this month I have some random things I’d like to share with you guys. I have some shower products, a beverage, to be fancy and… a mug? So while I’m drinking said beverage and listening to my fall chill playlist (post coming soon), sit back and enjoy the read!

Soooo My Mug
I don’t really know where you would categorize that in but uhm.. yeah. So the mug was in my last post’s mention and I thought I’d add it in here, I just LOVE this mug. The mug is from Ale-Hop, I have only seen this shop in a couple of places in Spain and Portugal. The mug I have has a little cloud with rainbow rain coming out of it and a smiley face on the cloud with a quote on the other side that says: ‘Baila Bajo La Lluvia’. To be honest I drink from this mug like pretty much every day. I don’t know what’s so magical about drinking from this mug but it makes me feel really cozy because of the quote as well as the cute little drawing on one side. What’s great about the mugs from this shop is that they have a huge variety and all have little quotes and cute drawings.


My Beverage and snacky-snack
With said mug comes a cozy beverageeeee. So at the beginning of this month I really wanted to create a drink that would make me feel hella cozy and it has honestly made me feel cozier than ever. So I named the drink ‘’cozy cinnamon caramel latte’’ that’s a lot of c’s. I don’t know if this already exists, I mean I’m not the most creative person on this earth so I wouldn’t be able to think of a name or a recipe more elaborate but I had all these ingredients and I just wanted something quick and easy. I actually have an upcoming post on the recipe,so stay tuned for that.

My snack of the month I have something that is so additive. I cannot say it’s healthy but I don’t have any health police knocking on mah door, so I couldn’t care less. They are chocolate chip cookies…. Yes there’s just something about chocolate cookies that make me happy. Must be the chocolate. So I’ve been munching on those with this particular beverage and it makes me the happiest person in the world.

For the first shower product of this month I have a confession: I use like 4 different shower gels… yes I know it’s a lot. For me to be using just 1 every single day… is rare since I like to switch it around. But this month’s favourite is The Body Shops strawberry shower gel. It has cold pressed strawberry seed oil in it and it smells soooo good, it’s perfect for autumn too because it does have a little bit of a cozy scent and it just feels good on the skin, for me it is perfect. It’s also almost finished so repurchase on its way. I also really like Body Shop products since most of them, if not all, are cruelty-free.

The next shower product is a face wash. It is the Nivea Daily Anti-Impurity Gel Exfoliator. I really like this face wash because it’s one of the view that has actually been able to keep pimples at bay and away. I use this twice daily and I have sensitive skin so I can 10/10 confirm that it is gentle to use every day. It has little blue beads in it that exfoliate and the actual gel part really gives your face a squeaky clean feel. The scent is also pleasant so that’s a huge plus, can’t have weird smelling things on mah face.



I really hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my favourites this month and I hope you’ve found something that makes your heart warm like chocolate chip cookies do. And I will talk to you guys in the next post ❤ 🙂



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