be-leaf me, coziness is upon us

Hey everyone!

For today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite autumny things I’ve been loving ❤ autumn is like one of my favourite seasons because of the coziness… I know you can create coziness anywhere and anytime but the months October until December create coziness the best. So this post will be a little bit random but just grab a mug with any hot beverage and grab ya candles cuz we gettin’ rambly.


  1. Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are like my favourite autumn snack because they’re so tasty and in season (yet so expensive </3) and soooooo good. I’ve been eating these like so much. What we do is roast them with some salt, the salt enhances the flavour makes them even better.

  1. Onesie

I have some kind of owl onesie and it’s so fluffy and warm and like my favourite thing to wear at home besides my pj’s. I’m so glad that the time for onesies has arrived.

  1. Candles

I really like cinnamon apple scented candles, it makes my room smell like fresh apple pie just as toasty as me in my onesie and I love it!

  1. Fairy lights

I feel like fairy lights make your room instantly cozy. I put mine draped across my wall and it’s the only light I use just about (and my candlelight of course). They’re also super cute and you can get them in pretty much any shape or size you want (mine are just simple little fairy lights).

  1. Sweaters

It’s finally getting colder here in Portugal so I’ve been wearing more sweaters and I’ve been able to have that toasty warm feeling at uni that I can also have at home, it’s truly amazing. I also really like pairing them with little ankle boots, I feel like it makes me look more put together, rather than selectively participating.


I would like to mention too that it’s almost Christmas and a lot of stores already have Christmas decoration up and I’m in love with Christmas and AHHH, and so I’ve been listening to Christmas songs here and there, no shame. Anyway, that’s it for today I’ll write to you in the next post!

Sara, out


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