My Favourite Apps

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite apps. I hope I can give you some recommendations with the apps that I like. Without further ado let’s get into it.

  • Days Counter

Days Counter is a countdown app. I know there are so many countdown apps but what really stood out for me was the lay-out. It’s really pretty and it just looks aesthetically pleasing. There is also a feature to put a specific countdown on your home screen for example. Some of the apps I had before this one didn’t have that and it’s a pretty cool feature, you don’t necessarily have to open the app to check on something. The app counts down and up, so you can even record certain memories or ‘days since’.

  • Snapseed

I use Snapseed to edit the pictures for the blog, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. I really like this app for its different filters. You can also put multiple filters over other filters so you can really give depth to pictures. Snapseed also has effects within effects. You can basically add any effect and then choose how much you want that effect and different features to the effects that you can adjust make it easier to choose how much or how little you want the effect.

  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a great app for the wanderlusters out there. Skyscanner is an app that helps you choose flight-tickets, hotel-rooms or hire-cars for a low price or at least for a true price. The app cancels out all the cookies and extra things that come with searching for tickets or rooms on websites. It gives the true price of the actual product and it tells you what days are cheaper than others. You can add option for it to send you a notification to your mail when a flight becomes cheaper or more expensive for example. You can also choose to go to a random destination and the app gives you different options to go anywhere or somewhere in your country. You can kind of have fun with the app and explore different places to go and stuff.

  • Planoly

I actually came across this app recently. One of my new year resolutions was to have a better planning for my blog. This app is really helpful for planning your Instagram posts. The app also provides a preview of you feed to see how it looks once your planned posts are posted. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let any apps interfere when it comes to actually posting something. This still has to be done manually. Having said that though, the app does help and it gives you a reminder when it’s time to post it eventually. I also really like the lay-out of the app. The simple black and white make it easy to overview things and to sort things out within app.

  • We Heart It

I really like the We Heart It app because you can basically create different mood boards and aesthetics and kind of put thoughts together. It’s like Pinterest but I personally like the lay-out of We Heart It better. You can create boards and put pictures together with the boards. You can follow other boards and read blogposts people create. It’s really fun and you can let your creative juices flow.

Sara, out 🙂

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