Travel Bucketlist

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share my travel bucketlist with you guys. I made this list just about a year ago just before my high school exams, I made a wanderlust travel-list for after my studies to go travelling (which I still really want to do, roadtrips included). I was cleaning my drawers a couple weeks ago and I found the list again and I actually wanted to add a couple of things but it turns out that they were already on there, I thought that was really funny because travelling places is a really big passion of mine and to see that nothing’s changed from a year ago really proves it. I made this list really randomly because I either have just the countries on there or a list of places in certain countries that I want to go to (not that I don’t want to see the rest of a particular country) . So let’s get going.

  • New Zealand (Auckland, Queenstown, Hobbiton)
    New Zealand has this like special place in my heart because of The Hobbit and I really want to visit Hobbiton as well as just get to know New Zealand – it’s gorgeous from all the pictures I’ve seen, the New Zealandic nature is just breathtaking and I really want to see it in person.
  • Australia (Hobart, Perth, Sydney)
    Australia is just like New Zealand, for me, one of my must go to countries. I would love to go backpacking through Australia or just city trip. Anything will do, I just really want to go to Australia.
  • Cuba (Havana)
    Cuba for me is another must because they have this amazing vintage 60’s /70’s vibe and Cuba has so much interesting history and it just attracts me for some reason.
  • Monaco
    Monaco had the most beautiful coastline and is also included on my European roadtrip stops. From the pictures I’ve seen, Monaco just had this romantic kind of feel and it’s just a dreamy place.
  • Peru
    I particularly want to go see Machu Picchu in Peru because of its archaeological value, I really like history and I really like learning about the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs. It’s really interesting to learn about the history of Ancient America. And I would take a trip like this as a fun history lesson.
  • Russia
    I really want to go to St. Petersburg to go visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral. When I think of Russia I actually think or the cathedral and I really want to see it up close.
  • Israel
    I would love to go to Jerusalem. I’ve seen so many documentaries about the city and it’s such an important place for religion and I really want to go visit all the important religious spots as well as just experience the culture.
  • Gibraltar
    I have actually been here before but I was really little and don’t remember that much. I just really want to go there again for its beauty, I maybe also want to see the cute lil’ monkeys.
  • Greece (Nafplio, Ágios, Oia, Santorini, Athens)
    I want to visit so many places in Greece, again the history and archeological value (and food, yes) are really important for me with this country.
  • Spain (Santiago de Compostela, Toledo, Cordoba, Valencia, Seville, Spanish Islands, Barcelona)
    I have actually been to Spain a lot. But there are still so many places I want to go to.
  • France (Marseille, Lyon, Arles, Bordeaux, Paris, Côte d‘Azur)
    Just like Spain, an often visited country for me but there’s so many places I want to go to or revisit.
  • Italy (Naples, Sicily, Milan, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre, Bolgona)
    I’ve only been to Italy twice but I was little and remember as much as that, little. I want to bathe in Pizza and Pasta when I’m there, while I visit different places.
  • Croatia (Mošćenice, Rovinj, Split, Motovun, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Primošten)
    I don’t even know where to begin with Croatia because there are so many places I want to visit. It’s such a pretty country with a beautiful coast and ahhhh…
  • USA
    I really want to go roadtripping throughout the USA and visit every state and all the main things to visit in each state. It’s been a dream for me since I was little and I’m finally closer to that happening probably now that I’m older, so yeah, I’m excited for something that I don’t know when it will happen but that’s okay.
  • Canada
    I want to go to the land of Maples and Syrups. I really do. I want to roadtrip in Canada and I want to go to Toronto and Niagara Falls. I would love to go towards the snow and make 2000 snow-angels.
  • South Africa
    The African nature for me I what really attracts me. The whole safari vibe and all the animals, I really want to see the animals up close and experience that.
  • Indonesia
    I have an Indonesian friend and she sent me some pictures of her trip when she was there, and I just really want to go there to experience the culture as well as just go there with her if she wants to like show me around or something. It’s so pretty and definitely at the top of my list.
  • Thailand
    Thailand again, just like Indonesia just kind of sucks me into its beauty. The culture is obviously so different from the European (or Dutch/Portuguese for that matter) and it would be wonderful to experience that.
  • Brazil (Rio Janeiro, Sao Paulo)
    I really want to visit Brazil because I really want to visit the Christ statue since I already visited the one in Lisbon, I kind of made a goal to visit the one in Brazil as well. I also have Brazilian friends right now and I really want to go there and visit them after my study of course.
  • Iceland
    I really would love to see the Norther Lights and travel different places in Iceland. Though Iceland for now is not the top priority just because it is kind of expensive to be there and get there for me. But it’s a country to visit in the future for sure.

Sorry for the long list guys. Also sorry for so many of the same reasons, but I can’t help it hehe. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and keep wanderlusting!

Sara, Out 🙂

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