Cookies and Cream Cheesecake; Recipe

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to make an Oreo/ cookies and cream style cheesecake for a really long time and I felt like there were so many recipes out there and I kind of wanted to make my own inspired recipe of it. So I’m here, today, with: a Cookies and Cream cheesecake.



3 packs of Oreos (or anything similar) 250 gr. Cream cheese
200 gr. Powdered sugar (or as much sweetness as you want)
1 teaspoon Milk
50 gr. Butter melted*
1 tablespoon Vanilla
200 ml Double cream

How to make it

The very first thing I did was whip up the double cream until stiff and then put that in the fridge (this is important to keep it stiff) I then started separating 1,5 packs of the cookies (putting the cream in a bowl and putting the cookie parts in another one). I mixed the cream bits with the milk and then put that in the microwave until melted. It separates a little bit but that’s okay. I put the cookie bits into a zip lock bag and crushed them with a wooden spoon until little crumbs.
I put the cookies crumbs back into the bowl and mixed it with the butter (*= I used 50 gr. but it’s really up to you on how much you want the crumbs to stick together. I just wanted them to lightly still fall apart so I only put 50 gr.)

I layered the bottom of a deep-dish with the crumbs and kind of pressed the into the dish with a spoon and put that in the fridge to set. I put the cream cheese into a bowl together with the vanilla and the cream (from the cookies) and mixed that until soft I then added the whip cream bit by bit to not deflate. I also crushed the remaining Oreos into 4 and put those into the mixture.

2018-02-10 05560990798..jpg

Just pour the cream cheese mixture on the cookie bottom (hehe bottom) and to finish off for some decoration, I split some of the cookies in half and some in quarters and just pressed them into the mixture. Just leave it in the fridge until serving to set (or at least 30 min).

I hope you guys give this a try and enjoy it as much as I did! And I’ll write to you in the next post!

Sara, Out 🙂


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