Lisbon As My Paradise

Hey Everyone! Today we’re going to talk about Lisbon, another city I can’t get enough of. So yeah Lisbon: I have been there so many times already and every time I go I get this different vibe you just don’t get with other cities. For me it is almost like walking into Paradise. The white pavements and classic little café’s everywhere, The historical monuments and good food.

The Baixa District
The Baixa District is the centre of Lisbon and has amazing squares and monuments. My personal favourite to visit in the centre is Praça do commércio. It is the square located near the Tagus River. It has a statue of King José I.  The square has the notorious yellow buildings, which open up into this arc which takes you down to Rua Augusta. The street is linked with Rossio square. The square houses a statue of King Pedro IV and a big fountain. The little streets in Baixa are probably some of the highlights as well. They usually have really pretty Azulejos on their walls on the outside (some café’s for example have them on the inside too!). The tiles are notorious for Portugal as they mark Portuguese art and decorations. Something that I recommend looking at but not going in/on (unless you like long lines and waiting forever :’)). is the Santa Justa tower and kind of looks like the Eiffel Tower. It’s something I really want to go on but I just can’t find my patience standing in the long lines everytime I go. It is actually made by an apprentice of Monsieur Gustave Eiffel, Mesnier du Ponsard. It has a similar construction to the Eiffel Tower and is an elevator that has a café at the top and has a view over the Rossio square. Another well visited square is Praça da Figueira, it has a statue of King John I. There’s a lot traffic on the square, as it is used for taxi and bus stations but there are a lot of little cafés and restaurants to enjoy as well.

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The Belém District
‘Pastéis de Nata’ are the infamous little custard tarts to be found everywhere in Portugal. Buying them at the factory ‘Pastéis de Belém’ is a must. They’ve made them there since 1837 with the traditional recipe. The building is comparable to a historical food museum. The old cash machines as well as the old instruments they used ‘’back in the day’’ are displayed on different places in the café. Every time I go to the Belém area, I pick up some of their Pastéis de Belém and go to the Belém Park and eat them there. The next best thing to visit in Belem is the Monument of Discoveries. Which is a monument dedicated to the discoveries done by Portuguese adventurers in the 15th and 16th centuries. The monument is in de shape of a ship and has 33 important figures on it (such as monarchs, explorers, artists etc…)  that took part in the discoveries. The square in front of the monument is my favorite thing to look at besides the statue as it has a mapa mundi on the floor and is really pretty when looked at from the sky. You can go up to the statue (for as little as €2,50 for students) and fixate your eyes upon the prettiest view from up top of the mapa mundi as well as the city, which is really something worth doing while being there. The Belém area is also the home of the Torre de Belém. It is a fortified tower and was built during 1515 and 1521. It is certainly worth looking at but the queue to go in is always really long, so I do suggest going there early. Last time I went there, there was no line, but it was also shut so I guess you win some and lose some. In the Belém area you’ll also find the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. It is a former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome. It is now however classified as a world heritage site, just like Torre de Belém. It has some really intricate designs and details.

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Beyond The City
Lisbon has so much more to offer than just its several squares and little streets. You can take the ferry to the other side of the Tagus River and go up to Cacilhas and visit the Christ Statue. I visited the statue this year and the trip up there was hot and a lot of getting lost (we didn’t want to take the bus). But once you’re up there the views are worth every meter. Not only is the view breathtaking. It is the statue itself; it brings a very weird feeling. Being up there looking at this huge thing. I actually couldn’t believe I was finally there as it was kind of a goal to go up there and visit the statue. As well as taking the ferry you can take a few stops on the metro and go to Colombo. It is one of the biggest shopping centres in Lisbon. It feels like it’s endless. But it has a lot of things that represent the discoveries as well. It has a mapa mundi on the floor (somewhere I couldn’t possibly tell you where as I get lost in there as well). The way the centre is decorated as well as built kind of makes you feel as if you’re on a cruise. It has lots of restaurants and is actually a perfect place to spend a day in. you can have lunch and dinner there as well as shop your wallet empty. The São Jorge Castle is a famous landmark in Lisbon and overlooks the entire city as well as the Tagus River. The first fortification was probably erected in 48 BC. The castle has served for many kings of Portugal but is now a cultural heritage. What’s great about Lisbon is that the metro lines go all over the city, you can buy day passes for the metro and go all over the place for €6,-. Parque das Nações has a train station (Gare d’Oriente) which takes you wherever you want in the country. Parque das Nações is also a really pretty area where you can see the biggest bridge in Europe as well as walk by the water and enjoy the view. Parque das Nações also has a cable line, which is really cool and gives nice views of the area.

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Thus concludes today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading about magical Lisbon. I definitely enjoyed reliving my adventure to one of my favourite places. There’s of course so much more to see and to do in Lisbon, I just included some of my favourite places that I’ve gone to as well as some of the things I still want to see in Lisbon. I hope I have given a good view of what Lisbon is like. Byeeeeeeeeeee

Sara, Out 🙂

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