Paris tu étais, et est superbe <3

11Yes, hello everyone today I am going to talk about one of my favourite cities in the world, Paris. Now I had never been to Paris until this year July, but I am for sure planning on going there again. Now I do have to tell you that France is not at all people walking around with baguettes and berets all day but as soon as we set foot in Paris, I saw a car that had a baguette on the passenger’s seat with a seat belt, so there’s that for stereotypical behaviour.
When I say we, I mean me and my friends went to Paris for a day, explored a good part of the city, had dinner and left back for home. So like I said, we were there for a day, and for Paris that is not enough, we also had a fallback with the ever so changing weather, it was on our side except, apart from the fact it was cloudy and for the one time it started raining. But it didn’t stop us from exploring the city. The city is huge, no really, we got ourselves a map at the tourist office, later the afternoon. Once unfolded it was pretty big to say the least. So we were pretty much struggling to even find where we were on the map. But we made it and explored of what were much of Paris’ prestigious places.

Once we arrived in Paris we immediately went to the Eiffel Tower. We had to get through all kinds of security measures (which was kind 16of a hassle, but quick). Once we entered the grounds of the tower, my mouth just dropped, it was something that I had wanted to see for solong and I just couldn’t believe I was standing underneath the great big thing. I bought a ticket for €5 which was a bit overpriced (I mean Paris is overpriced) but it was so worth it. Let me be the first to tell you that the view was a knock-your-socks off kind of view, it was just stunning. there are 3 floors on the Eiffel Tower but we only went on the first 2 floors considering the ticket to go higher, thus taking the elevator up, was more expensive and not worth the wait for the fact that the tourist count, on the 2nd floor to go up, was as high as the tower itself if not, higher.


As I said the view was outstanding and on every pit stop of the stairs (which were the separate floors) there were some informative pieces related to the building such as time-lapse pictures of the engineers building the tower and a plaque of Philippe Petit who walked across the 2nd floor to the Trocadero on a tightrope. Going down, I must’ve taken like 100 pictures of the view to compare the view on different levels. going down was a little bit more difficult than going up because the stairs were all the same and at a certain point you start to loose sight of each individual step and you kind of get twisted with your feet and sometimes misplace them. But we got down safely.

Exiting from the tower ground takes you straight onto the park beside the tower. The park was huge, it was as if I was on royal grounds, it was amazingly beautiful. So it’s only natural for me and my friends to have a photo shoot. After the tower we immediately headed towards l’Arc de Triomphe 19(where there was a militairy ceremony at the time) and we just stood there looking at it for quite a while, I guess we were in some kind of trance, it was absolutely huge from up close and you could see all the details on the ceiling of the statue from even 6 meters away. We searched for a place to have lunch, as a lot of the places were too expensive, we chose a fast food chain that would check the financial requirements of broke students, McDonalds. Now this McDonalds was actually located on the Champs Elysées, so it was a pretty fancy lunch to say the least, if you don’t count greasy fingers. Anyway, had lunch and walked around a lot and kind of wandered and enjoyed the Parisian atmosphere and views. The houses are so typical; you wouldn’t see those type of houses anywhere but Paris. I just kept getting mesmerized by the city as I discovered little things about the city. We ended up in the Tuileries Gardens which is a park between the Louvre and Place the la Concorde. There was this really nice ice cream tent located in the park so I had myself a sorbet, which was delish. We wanted to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre but unfortunately the exposition was

already closed when we arrived, so I guess I’ll leave the viewing postponed for next time. We decided to wander around the Louvre and looked at the art pieces, which is for sure something you have to do when in Paris. We didn’t know this but there are two exits from the Louvre, the main one. And the one that leads to a shopping centre. We took the wrong one. We ended up in the shopping centre, which was quite fancy.

18As we left the building it started raining. Even though it was raining we were troopers and continued our away from the museum into the centre of the city. We walked around for a good hour just looking at the shops and trying to find a way into a shopping centre, Centre Commercial Pompidou that no one in Paris seems to know about, so don’t bother asking. After finding it we went and had dinner nearby the shopping centre.


After dinner we headed on the most magical evening walk to head back to the bus and saw a lot what we had already seen but now just with the most beautiful sunset and evening atmosphere of Paris. I guess we decided to take the opportunity of the beautiful sunset to make a detour to get to the bus. once we arrived back it was already dark blue skies instead of pinky/violet skies.

13There’s something about Paris that changes at night, all the lights make the city a magical place and I really recommend staying in the city once it turns dark before heading back. We walked a long way back to bus but it was so worth it. On our walk we saw La Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower (with all it’s pretty lights on) the bridge with all the locks and the horse statue and many more.

I really want to go back to Paris and explore more of the city, after all there’s only so much of what you can do in a day and even wandering the city, which we did a lot, will take you more than a day. Paris is truly a magical place and has turned into one of my favourite cities in just one visit. So Paris, thank you for your beauty and I will see you next time ❤
Thus concludes today’s post, I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reliving the day in words, and I will see you next time 🙂

Sara, out

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  1. Mate we had lunch at a Mcdonald’s on the Champs-Elysées, that is broke student chique! And don’t forget the security check before we even got in.😂


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