Welcome to The Random Writer Sara

Hey Everyone! As this is my first post I would like to introduce this blog as I would introduce myself. I’m Sara, 18-years-old and totally new to this blogging thing. I thought it would be fun to have a blog for my friends to catch up on little pieces of Sara and her adventures since I just moved abroad to study and I miss them very much. But also because I thought it would be nice to share similar interests with you, the people who read the posts on my blog. So here I am, typing this, wondering if there is an exact match of me with similar interests in the world hoping this blog will be interesting enough for them to get inspired or even to read it just for fun.


I should probably explain where I’m planning to go with this blog. I want this blog to be an outlet to discuss my hobbies, travel adventures, and my personal experiences in general as a student abroad. So some of the topics I will be discussing will be: Space and astronomy (I love love love space and all it’s planets and creatures, I own a telescope and love exploring the night skies and stargazing as well as astrophotography), photography (I own a Lomography Diana CMYK camera and I really enjoy experimenting with it and trying different film rolls), books, and my travels, (you will notice a theme with the world maps as I am obsessed with world maps, especially the 17th century ones; oh my are those my faves) the travels will also relate to the fact that I love adventure and love going to different places and experience their culture. I don’t really plan to stick to any particular theme as you can see, my blog will really be one big mashup of all of these themes.

So I think this concludes my first post, yayy. I hope you did enjoy reading this and I hope you are somewhat excited for the things that are going to come, and I guess I will see you next time 🙂

Sara, out

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