Get Unready With Me


Hi Everyone! Since I did a get ready with me I thought it would be appropriate to do a get unready me. I’m basically going to be showing you how to get rid of the products I initially used in the get ready with me post :).

To start off I use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water on two little cotton rounds and I just let that sit on my eyes for couple of second to make sure that the product grabs the mascara which is a little harder to get off. I actually really like this micellar water because it pretty much gets rid of a lot of the mascara that usually kind of still sticks to the lashes, it doesn’t necessarily take all the eye makeup off but it does get rid of most of it.

I then take one of the Nivea 3-in-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes and just clean the rest of my face and neck. I really like these wipes because they’re not too wet and they’re actually really soft for my sensitive skin and they have micellar water so it does the extra job compared to regular make up remover wipes. I don’t really get a lot of redness or burns or whatever on my face, which I do get with some make up wipes.

I like to just make sure that everything is off my face so I like to use a face wash to kind of get rid of everything that gets left behind. I am actually trying a different face wash since I couldn’t find my beloved Nivea one at the store. So I’m currently using the Johnson’s Hydration Essentials Facial Cleanser*. I’ve not been using this face wash for long enough to really judge it, but having said that, it’s pretty good so far and I’ve noticed the redness from my Rosacea reducing, which is good. The scent is also not overwhelming and pretty refreshing so that’s also a bonus Sometimes

I like to go over my face again with a big cotton round with the micellar water, when I’m like not lazy. I always finish off with my moisturizer which I’ve mentioned before, it’s the Nivea Care Intensive Hydration Cream*. I really like this because it has helped me reduce a lot of dryness on my skin and I also really like how it sits under make-up so I really don’t have any bad things to say about it at all.

So yeah, that pretty much rounds it all up! Hope you guys enjoyed reading today’s post and I’ll write you guys in the next post.

Sara, Out 🙂

Product marked with a * are products I couldn’t find a link for.

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Favourite Movies


Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share a list of some of my favourite movies. I just thought it would be fun to share them with you guys; Some of these movies were also squad-dates back in The Netherlands and they give me a lot of memories so watching them again just thinking about them gives me a lot of feels. I also feel like you can really get to know a person by the music they listen to or the movies they watch and just little things like that, so why not share right?


  • The whole Harry Potter series are just a lotta luv ❤
  • The hobbit trilogy and
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • The Star Wars series
  • The Lion King
  • Beauty and The Beast (cartoon and live-action)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Were to Find Them
  • The Enigma Code
  • The Jungle Book (the cartoon one + the live-action one)
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Imitation Game
  • Iron-Man trilogy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Bad Moms
  • Finding Dory + Finding Nemo
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Intouchables

I’ll write you in the next post!

Sara, out 🙂

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake; Recipe


Hey everyone! I have been wanting to make an Oreo/ cookies and cream style cheesecake for a really long time and I felt like there were so many recipes out there and I kind of wanted to make my own inspired recipe of it. So I’m here, today, with: a Cookies and Cream cheesecake.



3 packs of Oreos (or anything similar) 250 gr. Cream cheese
200 gr. Powdered sugar (or as much sweetness as you want)
1 teaspoon Milk
50 gr. Butter melted*
1 tablespoon Vanilla
200 ml Double cream

How to make it

The very first thing I did was whip up the double cream until stiff and then put that in the fridge (this is important to keep it stiff) I then started separating 1,5 packs of the cookies (putting the cream in a bowl and putting the cookie parts in another one). I mixed the cream bits with the milk and then put that in the microwave until melted. It separates a little bit but that’s okay. I put the cookie bits into a zip lock bag and crushed them with a wooden spoon until little crumbs.
I put the cookies crumbs back into the bowl and mixed it with the butter (*= I used 50 gr. but it’s really up to you on how much you want the crumbs to stick together. I just wanted them to lightly still fall apart so I only put 50 gr.)

I layered the bottom of a deep-dish with the crumbs and kind of pressed the into the dish with a spoon and put that in the fridge to set. I put the cream cheese into a bowl together with the vanilla and the cream (from the cookies) and mixed that until soft I then added the whip cream bit by bit to not deflate. I also crushed the remaining Oreos into 4 and put those into the mixture.

2018-02-10 05560990798..jpg

Just pour the cream cheese mixture on the cookie bottom (hehe bottom) and to finish off for some decoration, I split some of the cookies in half and some in quarters and just pressed them into the mixture. Just leave it in the fridge until serving to set (or at least 30 min).

I hope you guys give this a try and enjoy it as much as I did! And I’ll write to you in the next post!

Sara, Out 🙂


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Travel Bucketlist


Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share my travel bucketlist with you guys. I made this list just about a year ago just before my high school exams, I made a wanderlust travel-list for after my studies to go travelling (which I still really want to do, roadtrips included). I was cleaning my drawers a couple weeks ago and I found the list again and I actually wanted to add a couple of things but it turns out that they were already on there, I thought that was really funny because travelling places is a really big passion of mine and to see that nothing’s changed from a year ago really proves it. I made this list really randomly because I either have just the countries on there or a list of places in certain countries that I want to go to (not that I don’t want to see the rest of a particular country) . So let’s get going.

  • New Zealand (Auckland, Queenstown, Hobbiton)
    New Zealand has this like special place in my heart because of The Hobbit and I really want to visit Hobbiton as well as just get to know New Zealand – it’s gorgeous from all the pictures I’ve seen, the New Zealandic nature is just breathtaking and I really want to see it in person.
  • Australia (Hobart, Perth, Sydney)
    Australia is just like New Zealand, for me, one of my must go to countries. I would love to go backpacking through Australia or just city trip. Anything will do, I just really want to go to Australia.
  • Cuba (Havana)
    Cuba for me is another must because they have this amazing vintage 60’s /70’s vibe and Cuba has so much interesting history and it just attracts me for some reason.
  • Monaco
    Monaco had the most beautiful coastline and is also included on my European roadtrip stops. From the pictures I’ve seen, Monaco just had this romantic kind of feel and it’s just a dreamy place.
  • Peru
    I particularly want to go see Machu Picchu in Peru because of its archaeological value, I really like history and I really like learning about the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs. It’s really interesting to learn about the history of Ancient America. And I would take a trip like this as a fun history lesson.
  • Russia
    I really want to go to St. Petersburg to go visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral. When I think of Russia I actually think or the cathedral and I really want to see it up close.
  • Israel
    I would love to go to Jerusalem. I’ve seen so many documentaries about the city and it’s such an important place for religion and I really want to go visit all the important religious spots as well as just experience the culture.
  • Gibraltar
    I have actually been here before but I was really little and don’t remember that much. I just really want to go there again for its beauty, I maybe also want to see the cute lil’ monkeys.
  • Greece (Nafplio, Ágios, Oia, Santorini, Athens)
    I want to visit so many places in Greece, again the history and archeological value (and food, yes) are really important for me with this country.
  • Spain (Santiago de Compostela, Toledo, Cordoba, Valencia, Seville, Spanish Islands, Barcelona)
    I have actually been to Spain a lot. But there are still so many places I want to go to.
  • France (Marseille, Lyon, Arles, Bordeaux, Paris, Côte d‘Azur)
    Just like Spain, an often visited country for me but there’s so many places I want to go to or revisit.
  • Italy (Naples, Sicily, Milan, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre, Bolgona)
    I’ve only been to Italy twice but I was little and remember as much as that, little. I want to bathe in Pizza and Pasta when I’m there, while I visit different places.
  • Croatia (Mošćenice, Rovinj, Split, Motovun, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Primošten)
    I don’t even know where to begin with Croatia because there are so many places I want to visit. It’s such a pretty country with a beautiful coast and ahhhh…
  • USA
    I really want to go roadtripping throughout the USA and visit every state and all the main things to visit in each state. It’s been a dream for me since I was little and I’m finally closer to that happening probably now that I’m older, so yeah, I’m excited for something that I don’t know when it will happen but that’s okay.
  • Canada
    I want to go to the land of Maples and Syrups. I really do. I want to roadtrip in Canada and I want to go to Toronto and Niagara Falls. I would love to go towards the snow and make 2000 snow-angels.
  • South Africa
    The African nature for me I what really attracts me. The whole safari vibe and all the animals, I really want to see the animals up close and experience that.
  • Indonesia
    I have an Indonesian friend and she sent me some pictures of her trip when she was there, and I just really want to go there to experience the culture as well as just go there with her if she wants to like show me around or something. It’s so pretty and definitely at the top of my list.
  • Thailand
    Thailand again, just like Indonesia just kind of sucks me into its beauty. The culture is obviously so different from the European (or Dutch/Portuguese for that matter) and it would be wonderful to experience that.
  • Brazil (Rio Janeiro, Sao Paulo)
    I really want to visit Brazil because I really want to visit the Christ statue since I already visited the one in Lisbon, I kind of made a goal to visit the one in Brazil as well. I also have Brazilian friends right now and I really want to go there and visit them after my study of course.
  • Iceland
    I really would love to see the Norther Lights and travel different places in Iceland. Though Iceland for now is not the top priority just because it is kind of expensive to be there and get there for me. But it’s a country to visit in the future for sure.

Sorry for the long list guys. Also sorry for so many of the same reasons, but I can’t help it hehe. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and keep wanderlusting!

Sara, Out 🙂

Chocolate Coffee Cake; Recipe


Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to share another one of my favourite recipes: Chocolate Coffee Cake. I’ve always really enjoyed cooking and baking and experimenting all kinds of things and this was one of my creations. I usually never measure anything and kind of do everything by eye. This time however, I wanted to make the recipe perfect with all the measurements so that I could share it with you guys. This cake is the perfect balance between chocolate and coffee in my opinion, it tastes like both but not too much. If you want to know how to make this, just keep reading!


~ Cake:

  • 50 gr. Granulated sugar (or not, depended on sweetness)
  • 200 gr. Flour
  • 50 gr. Cocoa powder
  • 1 can of Sweetened condensed milk
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of Vanilla aroma
  • 1 teaspoon of Coffee aroma
  • 1 small Egg

~ Frosting:

  • 200 gr. Unsalted butter, softened
  • 200 gr. Powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of Coffee aroma
  • 1 teaspoon of Vanilla aroma
  • Little bit of milk

How to make the cake I start off by preheating the oven to 180⁰C/ 350⁰F and then lining a round baking tin with butter and parchment paper. I believe my baking tin was 8’’ but I’m not sure, I think any baking tin will do though.

After preparing that, I mixed all the dry ingredients together and poured the egg, milk and vanilla and coffee aroma in that. Just mix everything together, it is a little bit thick so make sure you really mix everything that gets kind of stuck on the bottom. I then poured the mixture into the tin and baked it for around 25-30 minutes.

Once I took the cake out of the oven I just cut it in half and put both halves on a plate to cool them off. To make the buttercream frosting I just mixed all the ingredients together, the amount of milk used depends on the thickness you want the frosting to be. Just kind of adjust the buttercream to how you want it flavoured as well, whether you want more vanilla or not etc. Once the cake was completely cooled I spread the frosting on one half of the cake and then I put the other half on top and frosted the top of the cake as well as the sides.

To decorate, I simply just sifted some cocoa powder over the top and left the sides to show the frosting. Now just grab a cup of tea, a slice of cake and enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! And I hope you guys will give it a try, it’s certainly worth it!

Sara, out 🙂

Haul; The Body Shop


Hi everyone! For today I’ve got a haul for you. It’s actually a really small skincare haul. Nevertheless, I was excited to share it with you guys, I’ve had some time to test these products and really enjoyed using them so, here we go!


I picked up a couple of things from The Body Shop a couple weeks ago when they were having a sale (which they are still having fyi). As you guys know I’m kind of passionate about cruelty-free products and The Body Shop is actually one of the many cruelty-free brands I enjoy. When I went in there I actually went straight to their body butters, I have really dry skin and I was sure their body butters would work (which it did, I have noticed my skin being less dry). So I picked up the Rapberry Body Butter. The scent of the body butters is so uplifting. It’s a nice pick-me-up after a shower. It smells super fresh.

I ran out of my Strawberry Shower Gel ran out of my Strawberry Shower Gel some weeks ago and I really enjoyed using that one, so I picked up new one(s) (ones because, ya know, they smell good and back-ups are always needed, oopsie). The Frosted Plum Shower Gel smells kind of like the Chloé perfume (I’m bad at describing scents sorry). The Vineyard Peach Shower Gel smells sooooooo good, I really like peach scents so for me to buy this was well, expected.

I Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post, I will Write you in the next post ❤

Sara, Out 🙂

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Favourite Songs From 2017


Hi everyone! Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs from 2017. Each song has a certain feeling and vibe to it that, for me, takes me back certain places and times and gives me 50 million throwbacks to 2017 and I love how music can move you to certain times and places. And I know January is almost over but I still wanted to share it with you guys I thought it would be fun to look back on as well (I will most likely still be jamming to these songs in 2018, pls don’t judge). So without further ado: let’s go.

  • Havana – Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug
  • All Nights – The Vamps ft. Matoma
  • Solo – Oh Wonder
  • Slip Away – Oh Wonder
  • Paris – Oh Wonder
  • Now & Then (Tilø & ConKi Remix) – Plàsi ft. Tilø and ConKi
  • Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man
  • White Noise (R3hab Remix) – Ella Vos ft. R3HAB
  • Coachella, Woodstock On My Mind – Lana Del Rey
  • Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran
  • First Time (R3hab Remix) – Ellie Goulding ft. Kygo and R3HAB
  • Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers
  • Open Your Eyes- Sam Feldt ft. Hook N Sling

Sara, out 🙂

Get Ready With Me


Hey everyone! Today I thought it would be cool to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ blog style. I’ll be sharing my make-up routine and I will try and put up all the links for the products. I unfortunately couldn’t find all the items online so not everything has a link. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s goooooo


I start off in the morning by washing my face in the shower with the Nivea Daily Exfoliating Anti-Impurities Face Wash. I really like this face wash even though it is for oily skin. It makes my face feel smooth and the beads in it exfoliate nicely, it also cleans the pores really well.


After showering I usually start doing my make-up and I start off by moisturizing my face with the Nivea Care Intensive Hydration creme, I really like this for combating my dry skin and it sits really nicely under my make-up.

Moving on to make up, I use the Etos (Dutch brand) CC Radiance Cream. This cc cream is the only base that actually suits my skin tone perfectly, I always have trouble finding the right shade since I kind of have a blue undertone in my skin. A lot of foundations or bases have a pink undertone and it’s so frustrating. Anyway, I then put a concealer under my eyes, on my forhead, on my chin and down the bridge of my nose. I use the Cosmia Correcter Pen. I really like this for brightening those areas. I usually put a different concealer under my eyes and then this concealer on top or just on its own. I bought this concealer a lighter shade just for brightening.


I powder my face with the Cosmia Compact Powder. I really like this powder but the brand has a small shade range and the shades are usually pinky toned. So I just lightly swipe the powder across my face to not exaggerate the pink. For bronzer I use the Miss Sporty Tan Up Your World Bronzing Powder in Hawaiian Flower. I use this for contouring my cheeks and I really like it a lot. It’s pretty pigmented so I would take a light hand with this.

I usually like going with pinky peach shades for blush. The one I used today is the NYX High Definition Blush in Hamptons. I really like this shade and this blush (I mean I really like NYX make-up) the shade is not overly pigmented so it doesn’t shock when you put it on, it’s build-able and a soft formula which is a huge plus. The NYX packaging is also really cute.

The highlighter I used today comes from the Makeup Revolution Bare Euphoria Palette. It has 5 eyeshadows and a blush, bronzer and highlighter trio. I use the highlighter in this palette a lot because it’s so pigmented and it just gorgeous. I actually used 2 palettes for my eyeshadow today. I used the Sephora It Palette in Delicate Nude. I love the shades they choose for this palette. This palette gets so much love and I love travelling with. Another much loved and much traveled palette is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Palette. So many of the shades in this palette are similar to the ones in the Sephora palette, but they are unique in their own way of course. The shimmer shades are so pigmented and are everything.




The shades I used for today’s look were: shade 1 in the crease on top shade 2 and then shade 3 and blend them all together. I then put shade 4 on the inner part of the lid and shade 5 on the outer part and blended everything together with a little bit of the NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Stiletto as my transition shade. After brushing through my brows I used shade 6 on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes. These two palettes are great for travelling since you can create any kind of eyelook with them. They’re my little babies and my favourite palettes that I own. After curling my lashes I double up with mascara and use the Cosmia Dimension mascara. This mascara is really good for more length to the lashes and then I put the NYX Curvaceous Lush Lashes mascara on top. I like this one, on its own, for a more natural look but together with the Cosmia one for added volume.


To finish the whole look off I’m using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo. I generally really like their liquid matte creams. They last really long and don’t really dry your lips out. NYX also has a wide range of colours for their lip products.

Hope you guys enjoyed getting ready with me (make-up style) and I’ll write you in the next post!

Sara, out 🙂

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My Favourite Apps


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite apps. I hope I can give you some recommendations with the apps that I like. Without further ado let’s get into it.

  • Days Counter

Days Counter is a countdown app. I know there are so many countdown apps but what really stood out for me was the lay-out. It’s really pretty and it just looks aesthetically pleasing. There is also a feature to put a specific countdown on your home screen for example. Some of the apps I had before this one didn’t have that and it’s a pretty cool feature, you don’t necessarily have to open the app to check on something. The app counts down and up, so you can even record certain memories or ‘days since’.

  • Snapseed

I use Snapseed to edit the pictures for the blog, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. I really like this app for its different filters. You can also put multiple filters over other filters so you can really give depth to pictures. Snapseed also has effects within effects. You can basically add any effect and then choose how much you want that effect and different features to the effects that you can adjust make it easier to choose how much or how little you want the effect.

  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a great app for the wanderlusters out there. Skyscanner is an app that helps you choose flight-tickets, hotel-rooms or hire-cars for a low price or at least for a true price. The app cancels out all the cookies and extra things that come with searching for tickets or rooms on websites. It gives the true price of the actual product and it tells you what days are cheaper than others. You can add option for it to send you a notification to your mail when a flight becomes cheaper or more expensive for example. You can also choose to go to a random destination and the app gives you different options to go anywhere or somewhere in your country. You can kind of have fun with the app and explore different places to go and stuff.

  • Planoly

I actually came across this app recently. One of my new year resolutions was to have a better planning for my blog. This app is really helpful for planning your Instagram posts. The app also provides a preview of you feed to see how it looks once your planned posts are posted. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let any apps interfere when it comes to actually posting something. This still has to be done manually. Having said that though, the app does help and it gives you a reminder when it’s time to post it eventually. I also really like the lay-out of the app. The simple black and white make it easy to overview things and to sort things out within app.

  • We Heart It

I really like the We Heart It app because you can basically create different mood boards and aesthetics and kind of put thoughts together. It’s like Pinterest but I personally like the lay-out of We Heart It better. You can create boards and put pictures together with the boards. You can follow other boards and read blogposts people create. It’s really fun and you can let your creative juices flow.

Sara, out 🙂

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Top 5 Favourite Tv-series


Hey everyone! For today I have a breakdown of my top 5 favourite tv-shows. I, like many others, love binge watching a tv-show and I just love cozy-ing up in the evening and enjoy watching a show with a cup of tea and relax. Anyway, I thought I’d break it down and give you some recommendations if you are like me and love discovering new ones too! I also don’t have any specific order for these since I love every single one equally.

  • #1 Friends

Yes, Friends. I don’t think I need to explain why, I mean this show is amazing and sets the bar high for a lot of other shows. The show follows 6 friends, two of which are siblings. The show takes you through their lives as they live together. It’s just such a like-able show, you just kind of get sucked in I guess. I like, like I met your mother, that the show is full of inside jokes and that’s one of the things that makes it my favourite. This brings us to my next one….

  • #2 How I Met Your Mother

Just like Friends. A classic. Like I said, previously the inside jokes in this show make it so enjoyable. I think that this is mostly because I talk with friends about the shows and the inside jokes and it’s like our little secrets, I don’t know, I can’t really explain. The story starts of by Ted Mosby telling his kids about how he met their mother, the more the show goes on it just follows his life and his 4 best friends. They experience a lot together and the relationships that build up in between. I was actually really angry at the ending but I won’t spoil anything so you’ll just have to find out..

  • #3 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time was actually recommended to me and I recommend it to you. Anybody who loves fantasy shows or fantasy stories, will be hooked on this show. The way that the creators of this show intertwine relations between the characters and how the storyline is the characters from the original stories but changed into this magical new storyline is just created so amazingly.

It has all the original fairy-tale characters that live in the real world without knowing it through a spell the Evil Queen put up. Regina Mills (The Evil Queen in fairy tale world) adopts a son which is actually the daughter (Emma Swan) of Prince Charming and Snow White. In the beginning it just follows the boy trying to convince Emma that she can break the spell. I guess you’ll have to follow the season to see what happens next :).

  • #4 The Walking Dead

I know that the Walking Dead gets a lot of hate (which I really don’t understand why, but to each their own) but it’s honestly such a good show. I do agree with some people that the show goes on about certain things for too many episodes but I feel like it kind of needs that, there’s already so much happening and like rushing things rather than spending time on the little details doesn’t make it better, I like it this way. My heart breaks every time a character dies but it is a really good show and it has some really strong characters.

It’s about a post-zombie apocalyptic world and it follows Rick Grimes and the people he meets along the way to save place where he can bring up his son and later his/Shane’s daughter. The keep moving to new places as the keep getting attacked or get into unsafe situations.

  • #5 Poldark (2015)

I feel like not a lot of people know this show, but it’s really good. The storyline is set in the 18th century and it follows Ross Poldark and his life. Ross returns from war and tries to set his life back up and finds out that his old girlfriend marries his cousin (it gets messy) and then his business rival marries her as well, anyway there’s so much that happens and it’s only on its 3th season (starting it’s 4th).

It has a really good storyline actually and I feel like it deserves more love. It’s prefect for people who enjoy watching historical drama’s.

Happy Watching 🙂