Get Ready With Me


Hey everyone! Today I thought it would be cool to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ blog style. I’ll be sharing my make-up routine and I will try and put up all the links for the products. I unfortunately couldn’t find all the items online so not everything has a link. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s goooooo


I start off in the morning by washing my face in the shower with the Nivea Daily Exfoliating Anti-Impurities Face Wash. I really like this face wash even though it is for oily skin. It makes my face feel smooth and the beads in it exfoliate nicely, it also cleans the pores really well.


After showering I usually start doing my make-up and I start off by moisturizing my face with the Nivea Care Intensive Hydration creme, I really like this for combating my dry skin and it sits really nicely under my make-up.

Moving on to make up, I use the Etos (Dutch brand) CC Radiance Cream. This cc cream is the only base that actually suits my skin tone perfectly, I always have trouble finding the right shade since I kind of have a blue undertone in my skin. A lot of foundations or bases have a pink undertone and it’s so frustrating. Anyway, I then put a concealer under my eyes, on my forhead, on my chin and down the bridge of my nose. I use the Cosmia Correcter Pen. I really like this for brightening those areas. I usually put a different concealer under my eyes and then this concealer on top or just on its own. I bought this concealer a lighter shade just for brightening.


I powder my face with the Cosmia Compact Powder. I really like this powder but the brand has a small shade range and the shades are usually pinky toned. So I just lightly swipe the powder across my face to not exaggerate the pink. For bronzer I use the Miss Sporty Tan Up Your World Bronzing Powder in Hawaiian Flower. I use this for contouring my cheeks and I really like it a lot. It’s pretty pigmented so I would take a light hand with this.

I usually like going with pinky peach shades for blush. The one I used today is the NYX High Definition Blush in Hamptons. I really like this shade and this blush (I mean I really like NYX make-up) the shade is not overly pigmented so it doesn’t shock when you put it on, it’s build-able and a soft formula which is a huge plus. The NYX packaging is also really cute.

The highlighter I used today comes from the Makeup Revolution Bare Euphoria Palette. It has 5 eyeshadows and a blush, bronzer and highlighter trio. I use the highlighter in this palette a lot because it’s so pigmented and it just gorgeous. I actually used 2 palettes for my eyeshadow today. I used the Sephora It Palette in Delicate Nude. I love the shades they choose for this palette. This palette gets so much love and I love travelling with. Another much loved and much traveled palette is the Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Palette. So many of the shades in this palette are similar to the ones in the Sephora palette, but they are unique in their own way of course. The shimmer shades are so pigmented and are everything.




The shades I used for today’s look were: shade 1 in the crease on top shade 2 and then shade 3 and blend them all together. I then put shade 4 on the inner part of the lid and shade 5 on the outer part and blended everything together with a little bit of the NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Stiletto as my transition shade. After brushing through my brows I used shade 6 on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes. These two palettes are great for travelling since you can create any kind of eyelook with them. They’re my little babies and my favourite palettes that I own. After curling my lashes I double up with mascara and use the Cosmia Dimension mascara. This mascara is really good for more length to the lashes and then I put the NYX Curvaceous Lush Lashes mascara on top. I like this one, on its own, for a more natural look but together with the Cosmia one for added volume.


To finish the whole look off I’m using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo. I generally really like their liquid matte creams. They last really long and don’t really dry your lips out. NYX also has a wide range of colours for their lip products.

Hope you guys enjoyed getting ready with me (make-up style) and I’ll write you in the next post!

Sara, out 🙂

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My Favourite Apps


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite apps. I hope I can give you some recommendations with the apps that I like. Without further ado let’s get into it.

  • Days Counter

Days Counter is a countdown app. I know there are so many countdown apps but what really stood out for me was the lay-out. It’s really pretty and it just looks aesthetically pleasing. There is also a feature to put a specific countdown on your home screen for example. Some of the apps I had before this one didn’t have that and it’s a pretty cool feature, you don’t necessarily have to open the app to check on something. The app counts down and up, so you can even record certain memories or ‘days since’.

  • Snapseed

I use Snapseed to edit the pictures for the blog, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. I really like this app for its different filters. You can also put multiple filters over other filters so you can really give depth to pictures. Snapseed also has effects within effects. You can basically add any effect and then choose how much you want that effect and different features to the effects that you can adjust make it easier to choose how much or how little you want the effect.

  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a great app for the wanderlusters out there. Skyscanner is an app that helps you choose flight-tickets, hotel-rooms or hire-cars for a low price or at least for a true price. The app cancels out all the cookies and extra things that come with searching for tickets or rooms on websites. It gives the true price of the actual product and it tells you what days are cheaper than others. You can add option for it to send you a notification to your mail when a flight becomes cheaper or more expensive for example. You can also choose to go to a random destination and the app gives you different options to go anywhere or somewhere in your country. You can kind of have fun with the app and explore different places to go and stuff.

  • Planoly

I actually came across this app recently. One of my new year resolutions was to have a better planning for my blog. This app is really helpful for planning your Instagram posts. The app also provides a preview of you feed to see how it looks once your planned posts are posted. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let any apps interfere when it comes to actually posting something. This still has to be done manually. Having said that though, the app does help and it gives you a reminder when it’s time to post it eventually. I also really like the lay-out of the app. The simple black and white make it easy to overview things and to sort things out within app.

  • We Heart It

I really like the We Heart It app because you can basically create different mood boards and aesthetics and kind of put thoughts together. It’s like Pinterest but I personally like the lay-out of We Heart It better. You can create boards and put pictures together with the boards. You can follow other boards and read blogposts people create. It’s really fun and you can let your creative juices flow.

Sara, out 🙂

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Top 5 Favourite Tv-series


Hey everyone! For today I have a breakdown of my top 5 favourite tv-shows. I, like many others, love binge watching a tv-show and I just love cozy-ing up in the evening and enjoy watching a show with a cup of tea and relax. Anyway, I thought I’d break it down and give you some recommendations if you are like me and love discovering new ones too! I also don’t have any specific order for these since I love every single one equally.

  • #1 Friends

Yes, Friends. I don’t think I need to explain why, I mean this show is amazing and sets the bar high for a lot of other shows. The show follows 6 friends, two of which are siblings. The show takes you through their lives as they live together. It’s just such a like-able show, you just kind of get sucked in I guess. I like, like I met your mother, that the show is full of inside jokes and that’s one of the things that makes it my favourite. This brings us to my next one….

  • #2 How I Met Your Mother

Just like Friends. A classic. Like I said, previously the inside jokes in this show make it so enjoyable. I think that this is mostly because I talk with friends about the shows and the inside jokes and it’s like our little secrets, I don’t know, I can’t really explain. The story starts of by Ted Mosby telling his kids about how he met their mother, the more the show goes on it just follows his life and his 4 best friends. They experience a lot together and the relationships that build up in between. I was actually really angry at the ending but I won’t spoil anything so you’ll just have to find out..

  • #3 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time was actually recommended to me and I recommend it to you. Anybody who loves fantasy shows or fantasy stories, will be hooked on this show. The way that the creators of this show intertwine relations between the characters and how the storyline is the characters from the original stories but changed into this magical new storyline is just created so amazingly.

It has all the original fairy-tale characters that live in the real world without knowing it through a spell the Evil Queen put up. Regina Mills (The Evil Queen in fairy tale world) adopts a son which is actually the daughter (Emma Swan) of Prince Charming and Snow White. In the beginning it just follows the boy trying to convince Emma that she can break the spell. I guess you’ll have to follow the season to see what happens next :).

  • #4 The Walking Dead

I know that the Walking Dead gets a lot of hate (which I really don’t understand why, but to each their own) but it’s honestly such a good show. I do agree with some people that the show goes on about certain things for too many episodes but I feel like it kind of needs that, there’s already so much happening and like rushing things rather than spending time on the little details doesn’t make it better, I like it this way. My heart breaks every time a character dies but it is a really good show and it has some really strong characters.

It’s about a post-zombie apocalyptic world and it follows Rick Grimes and the people he meets along the way to save place where he can bring up his son and later his/Shane’s daughter. The keep moving to new places as the keep getting attacked or get into unsafe situations.

  • #5 Poldark (2015)

I feel like not a lot of people know this show, but it’s really good. The storyline is set in the 18th century and it follows Ross Poldark and his life. Ross returns from war and tries to set his life back up and finds out that his old girlfriend marries his cousin (it gets messy) and then his business rival marries her as well, anyway there’s so much that happens and it’s only on its 3th season (starting it’s 4th).

It has a really good storyline actually and I feel like it deserves more love. It’s prefect for people who enjoy watching historical drama’s.

Happy Watching 🙂

Recipe: Roasted Veggies


Hey everyone! Today I decided to share a roasted vegetables recipe with you guys. It’s super tasty and super quick and easy to prepare. I really like to have vegetarian meals sometimes, they’re healthy and tasty. You can pair this recipe with anything you’d like for a meat option of course.



  • 1 butternut squash
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2-3 little potatoes
  • Half of a courgette
  • Few tablespoons of olive oil
  • Herbs to preference
  • salt

How to make this

First pre-heat your oven (200⁰C – 390⁰F) I start out by peeling the onion and the garlic cloves as well as taking of the skin from the squash, courgette and potatoes. You can also add more vegetables or different than the ones I used of course. After this I cut all the veggies in medium sized chunks (bigger veggies take longer to cook but everything shrinks and will already become small so cutting them small will make them tiny).

Next put all the veggies on a baking tray and sprinkle with the herbs (I usually put Italian herbs and salt, the pictures are from when I did it with dried parsley, paprika powder and salt and spread the oil evenly over all the vegetables. Then just put the veggies in the oven and roast them for about 30-40 minutes, I just roast them until they are soft and the pieces of onion kind of separate from each other as well as the butternut squash soft (or roast until they feel offended).

I like pairing this with rice or spaghetti and tomato sauce (kind of like vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese). Here I paired it with scrambled egg and spiced roasted chickpeas. Bon appétit !


Sara, out 🙂

Welcome 2018


Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active here. I decided to take a small break from the blog since November, i was not only busy at uni but I also wanted to start fresh in 2018 and renew my planning for the blog and spend more time on it as well. I hope you don’t mind the fact that I’ve been gone for like 2 months, but like I said I just wanted to take a break and start fresh!

So having said all of that: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yes, now that 2018 is upon us we can start with a fresh and clean slate for this upcoming year. I myself am pretty excited for what’s coming, even though I don’t know what’s coming, I like to keep a positive output into this year. I decided to break down a list of things that I wanted to change for this year, maybe you guys can draw inspiration from these things or actually do the same things, but whatever it’s going to be i’m trying to keep an open mind for the things I put on this list as I know myself that things will change or switch around. 2017 for me personally was such a growth year, I got to do some really amazing things and I created so many memories that I’m so grateful for.

I’m going to try to go into 2018 with that in mind because 2017 taught me a lot and it gave me some amazing moments which give me motivation and positivity for 2018. So without further ado, here comes my list of goals/achievements/aspirations etc..:

#1. I want to learn how to play the piano.

Yes, the piano. I know this is going to be a challenge and a lot of time input but I actually used to play a little bit of piano and I just never stuck to it and don’t know anything anymore. But I love singing and I want to try to play the piano and maybe start writing songs and further my passion I guess.

#2. Become a better planner.

I feel like this is one of those things many of us humans want, it is often difficult but I honestly think that it’s so important to keeping up with your surroundings and keeping your life organized. I also want to be able to create a planning that I can stick to and be honest about planning and procrastinate less. This last one is difficult but again. With good planning comes great responsibility and we can all use some good planning so trying is the motto here.

#3. Travel more.

I have been quite fortunate to be able to travel a lot in my life and I absolutely love going to new places or even places I’ve been before and create memories and experience new things. I have created a bucketlist of places I want to go and not all of these places necessarily are places I can go or want to go to this year but of course with time I will try to visit or fulfill most of the things on my travel-bucketlist.

#4. Workout more.

I actually used to have a tight workout schedule but with changes of moving and trying to get settle in one place it’s been left on the back-burner and so I want to try to restart my training schedule and stick to it. I think with this one of those things where health becomes a priority.

#5. Become a better blogger.

Blogging for me is such a therapeutic thing to do and I want to be able to stick to a better planning schedule as well and create more content that either inspires other people or for entertainment of course.

#6. Read more books.

I am currently reading like 5 books at the same time so that’s good but I just want to read different kind of books and try to spend more time reading than on my phone. Reading for me is a way to relax as well as be more creative (I don’t know if that makes sense lol) it just helps make your brain more active and alive I feel like so yeah.

#7. Create more through photography.

I want to try to express art through photography. I’ve always liked photography but I want to kind of get more into it and try different techniques and creations and etc. I actually have we heart it (just therandomwritersara on there ) and that is something that gives me more inspiration so I kind of want to return the favor and create a source of inspiration for other people.


Sara, out :).

be-leaf me, coziness is upon us


Hey everyone!

For today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite autumny things I’ve been loving ❤ autumn is like one of my favourite seasons because of the coziness… I know you can create coziness anywhere and anytime but the months October until December create coziness the best. So this post will be a little bit random but just grab a mug with any hot beverage and grab ya candles cuz we gettin’ rambly.


  1. Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are like my favourite autumn snack because they’re so tasty and in season (yet so expensive </3) and soooooo good. I’ve been eating these like so much. What we do is roast them with some salt, the salt enhances the flavour makes them even better.

  1. Onesie

I have some kind of owl onesie and it’s so fluffy and warm and like my favourite thing to wear at home besides my pj’s. I’m so glad that the time for onesies has arrived.

  1. Candles

I really like cinnamon apple scented candles, it makes my room smell like fresh apple pie just as toasty as me in my onesie and I love it!

  1. Fairy lights

I feel like fairy lights make your room instantly cozy. I put mine draped across my wall and it’s the only light I use just about (and my candlelight of course). They’re also super cute and you can get them in pretty much any shape or size you want (mine are just simple little fairy lights).

  1. Sweaters

It’s finally getting colder here in Portugal so I’ve been wearing more sweaters and I’ve been able to have that toasty warm feeling at uni that I can also have at home, it’s truly amazing. I also really like pairing them with little ankle boots, I feel like it makes me look more put together, rather than selectively participating.


I would like to mention too that it’s almost Christmas and a lot of stores already have Christmas decoration up and I’m in love with Christmas and AHHH, and so I’ve been listening to Christmas songs here and there, no shame. Anyway, that’s it for today I’ll write to you in the next post!

Sara, out


Recipe: latteeeeeeee


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my recipe for a Cozy Cinnamon Caramel Latte (the one mentioned in my October faves post). The name is pretty self-explanatory but it’s so worth sharing. So here we gooooo:

coffee (duuhhh)
caramel syrup
whip cream (optional)
marshmallows (optional)
How to create this mug of heaven
I start of by putting the caramel and a little bit of cinnamon in the coffee without the milk, this just gives the caramel some time to melt into the coffee. Then I just       add the milk and but some whipped cream on top and a little bit more cinnamon on top. I did put marshmallows on the ingredients list but for some reason I can’t find marshmallows here in any supermarket so I don’t put some on my, but for the whole cozy factor, it’s mainly a suggestion 🙂

I know this was kind of short but I really wanted to share this recipe with you so ye. I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and I hope you’ll give this a try! I don’t like caramel but yet I really like this so even if you don’t like caramel, you might enjoy this. I’ll write you in the next post :).

Sara, out.

Also:  drink with cookies ❤

Favourite Fridaaayyyyyy


October 2017

Hey Everyone! I hope you’re ready for another Favourite Friday. Let me just get started by saying something that I’ll probably say every month from now on: IT’S ALREADY ALMOST THE END OF OCTOBER?????? Like I swear it was the 2nd of October a minute ago…. Anyway, this month I have some random things I’d like to share with you guys. I have some shower products, a beverage, to be fancy and… a mug? So while I’m drinking said beverage and listening to my fall chill playlist (post coming soon), sit back and enjoy the read!

Soooo My Mug
I don’t really know where you would categorize that in but uhm.. yeah. So the mug was in my last post’s mention and I thought I’d add it in here, I just LOVE this mug. The mug is from Ale-Hop, I have only seen this shop in a couple of places in Spain and Portugal. The mug I have has a little cloud with rainbow rain coming out of it and a smiley face on the cloud with a quote on the other side that says: ‘Baila Bajo La Lluvia’. To be honest I drink from this mug like pretty much every day. I don’t know what’s so magical about drinking from this mug but it makes me feel really cozy because of the quote as well as the cute little drawing on one side. What’s great about the mugs from this shop is that they have a huge variety and all have little quotes and cute drawings.


My Beverage and snacky-snack
With said mug comes a cozy beverageeeee. So at the beginning of this month I really wanted to create a drink that would make me feel hella cozy and it has honestly made me feel cozier than ever. So I named the drink ‘’cozy cinnamon caramel latte’’ that’s a lot of c’s. I don’t know if this already exists, I mean I’m not the most creative person on this earth so I wouldn’t be able to think of a name or a recipe more elaborate but I had all these ingredients and I just wanted something quick and easy. I actually have an upcoming post on the recipe,so stay tuned for that.

My snack of the month I have something that is so additive. I cannot say it’s healthy but I don’t have any health police knocking on mah door, so I couldn’t care less. They are chocolate chip cookies…. Yes there’s just something about chocolate cookies that make me happy. Must be the chocolate. So I’ve been munching on those with this particular beverage and it makes me the happiest person in the world.

For the first shower product of this month I have a confession: I use like 4 different shower gels… yes I know it’s a lot. For me to be using just 1 every single day… is rare since I like to switch it around. But this month’s favourite is The Body Shops strawberry shower gel. It has cold pressed strawberry seed oil in it and it smells soooo good, it’s perfect for autumn too because it does have a little bit of a cozy scent and it just feels good on the skin, for me it is perfect. It’s also almost finished so repurchase on its way. I also really like Body Shop products since most of them, if not all, are cruelty-free.

The next shower product is a face wash. It is the Nivea Daily Anti-Impurity Gel Exfoliator. I really like this face wash because it’s one of the view that has actually been able to keep pimples at bay and away. I use this twice daily and I have sensitive skin so I can 10/10 confirm that it is gentle to use every day. It has little blue beads in it that exfoliate and the actual gel part really gives your face a squeaky clean feel. The scent is also pleasant so that’s a huge plus, can’t have weird smelling things on mah face.



I really hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my favourites this month and I hope you’ve found something that makes your heart warm like chocolate chip cookies do. And I will talk to you guys in the next post ❤ 🙂



My experience so far: Studying abroad


Hey Everyone!
Today I’m going to talk about my experience as a student abroad. I’m going to start by telling you why I actually decided to go abroad to study. There were numerous factors as to why I wanted to go to my study destination;

  • Portugal. One is the language, I have a double nationality and am half Portuguese so I thought it would make sense to choose a country that I could actually speak the language of. Another one was the option of studies; I couldn’t find a college in the Netherlands that I really attracted to or the studies that I would enjoy.
  • Another thing for me was costs. Universities and colleges in the Netherlands can be very expensive and in Portugal education is a lot cheaper. A huge plus is that I could live with my grandparents while studying here so that would break down the costs as well.
  • The future. I never saw myself study (and eventually live there) in the Netherlands, it’s something I started thinking about in my last 2 years of high school. I started thinking about what I wanted to do and studying abroad seemed like a fun thing for me, I love travelling and I wanted to do something adventurous after high school, so I thought ‘why the heck not’. I knew I was going to do something with languages, it’s something I’m passionate about and I really enjoy learning languages. I started to do research on the same university my mom went to and I liked the idea of continuing a legacy of course, but most importantly doing something that I wanted to do and I would feel comfortable with because somebody in my environment already had the same experience.

After 2 years and mountains of paperwork, I got the results of my enrollment on the 9th of September, and: I got accepted!!! I couldn’t believe that I actually got accepted into my dream unit as well as my 1st option for the course: modern languages (English and French). My first weeks of unit so far have been really exciting, it’s a whole other experience and I really like it a lot, in high school I always felt pressured to do subjects that I didn’t like because ‘’it had good opportunities if one thing didn’t work out’’ but now I’m surrounded by things that I enjoy and subjects that I find interesting as well as people who share the same interests. I have good friends and I and I’m starting to perfect the language better every day! I have also become more accustomed to the way people live here, I feel like it’s less stressful than the Netherlands. I like the environment better, the fact that the weather is good (though I do miss sweater weather) and the way of life is more relaxed (food is also a huge +).

So yeah, so far I’m really enjoying and I do really miss my friends back in the Netherlands and some of my family. But I don’t regret anything at all. I do plan on visiting my friends soon, so that will fix my ‘’I miss my friends’’ thoughts and for now I’m just going to focus on my study and countdown to my next visit back the lower lands.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post, and I hope you guys are having a good weekend, and I’ll write to you in the next post 🙂

How to get over a cold quickly; 5 tips


So I recently got a cold and I actually got over it quickly (I hate colds, I mean nobody likes them, but I really, really hate colds) I decided to give myself a ‘’cold boot camp’’ where I tried to squeeze a cold that usually lasts 5 days for me in 3 or less days. So my ‘’cold boot camp’’ actually worked and I got over my cold within 3 days. It was quite the adventure. Basically what you would do for 5 days of having a cold, I tried to do everything a step ahead. I literally had all the symptoms in 3 days. So here is a list of 5 things that helped me get over my cold quickly.

  1. Magic drink

this tip is actually going to take you on a trip to the past. When I was little and couldn’t sleep or was sick of whatever, my mom used to make me a drink called ‘’magic drink’’ and she never told me the ingredients (I guess it gave me the actual magic thought since it never failed and I would think my mom was a magic fairy). Couple years ago I asked her what the actual ingredients were and she said: ‘’milk, honey and lemon peel’’. So there you go, a recipe for sleeping tight (and not letting the bed bugs bite) and sleeping warm and comfy (it’s all in the milk, boiss). So the milk is for making you sleep better (Idk how that works but ye), the honey for soothing the throat and the lemon for disinfecting. It’s actually really tasty and is an alternative to any other weird tasting, nasty liquid things.

  1. Tissues

If you ain’t got tissues you’ve got issues. Literally. I suggest buying a multi-pack of tissues because they’re going to be your best friend 2.0 during your cold. The trick here is to blow you nose rather than sniffing it back up, I always see people doing this and it doesn’t do anything useful. You’re just moving the bacteria closer to the brains where they tickle you, anyway. As I said. Blowing my nose also helps me being able to sleep better at night as I don’t get a stuffed nose and makes me breathe properly as well as getting my taste buds working again.

  1. Water

Drinking lots of water is basically going to make you pee more (to say it bluntly) and peeing is peeing out the bacteria, now this might be a theory of mine but it could well be true. I feel like it really works because you’re cleaning out your whole system. It’s like getting a cleanse. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, I suggest putting a slice of lemon in it, or some honey. And if you want to be even more extra, make yourself some warm water and honey. Nothing else. Just warm water and honey. This helps soothe the throat and it helps with disinfecting.

  1. Sleep

Now this a tip that you’ve probably heard before and it really doesn’t seem like a big deal. But really, between blowing your nose and drinking tea or water, I usually don’t feel like doing much but hibernate at home and keep warm. So sleep is the only other thing you can do. Getting sleepy sometimes doesn’t come easy but even lying down and watching a series, reading a book or whatever makes you feel better and does something. Basically: rest is important. It works every time, your body rests and does something new every day trying to overcome the cold, try speeding up that process by sleeping and resting.

  1. That syrupy thing we all had as a kid

Now I don’t really know what it’s called but I’m just going to call it syrupy thing. That syrupy thingy is basically for like the last day or so. I usually only cough a lot during the last couple of days. This is going to sound nasty but there’s a lot of slime and bacteria stuck in your lungs from the cold, so the only way to get it out is to cough, by drinking that syrupy thingy actually helps loosen it all up and getting it all out. It might not be tasty, but think about the bacteria :/ that’s not tasty either. So, drink it and cough all you want. just don’t try coughing out your lungs, I don’t suggest it. The syrup is just as magical as the magic drink. It usually works within half an hour and it really makes you breathe better and helps with all the slime as well as the cough.

So that is it for my tips, I hope I helped you in some way! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and I hope you all get over your colds quicker and that’ll you’ll all feel better. And I will write you next time!

Sara, out 🙂


disclaimer: I ain’t no doctah, but these are tips that worked based on my experience, so don’t ask me to show me my medicine degree because I don’t have one.