I’m Baaacckkkk


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to take a break to focus on uni and my exams, during this break I had been thinking of all kinds of ideas on how to creatively express myself, whether this is through blogging, music or something else. I am (sorta) back, I mean I was never gone but you get the jist. So treat this ‘comeback’ post as a life update if you will. So go grab yourself a drink (preferably a cup of coffee as I am sitting in a café having one myself) so that we can have a raw chat about thoughts and all kinds of other things.

I had stated in the beginning of the year, in my post about all my goals for 2018, that I wanted to explore the musical world a little bit more and try to create something. This has been going very well I took a lot of time to write and travelling has inspired me so much in my writing. I never thought I would get such a creative burst being surrounded by something so simple it’s funny because at the beginning of the year I would sit at my desk and try to force myself to create something because that was my absolute goal but after a while of only being able to squeeze a tiny bit of creativity into a couple of songs I decided to just leave writing for a while and let it come I suppose. And so I did, going on vacation or going to a park or even just hanging out by myself somewhere it just helps letting the creative juices flow and it did, a lot, I was able to write whole songs within 10 minutes of thinking about literally 1 thing.

I have been away from my laptop for a while. I went away on vacation and had some time to spend with my friends and family. Which made my (sometimes) homesick heart happy. Being in a different country than family and friends is really hard but meeting them all again after so long of not seeing each other really makes it so much more special and I really started appreciating every little moment from this trip. I spend the whole month of August away from home and I went to Croatia, The Netherlands and England and came back by the end of the month all refreshed and my heart filled with new memories and a little bit of a life lesson (if that’s what I would call this).

At first when I arrived back in The Netherlands it felt a little bit odd because it really wasn’t my home anymore even though I was so used to everything there and it was the places that I hung out with friends before or places I would go to like my old high school. It just felt weird because everywhere felt so familiar but also unfamiliar. I stayed with one of my best friends during the 2 weeks in total that I stayed in The Netherlands (I split this trip up in two and in between went to Croatia and England). It was a really cool experience because it felt like having a super cool roommate and it was just a ton of fun. We are adults now and it felt like we had lived together forever. During my stay in The Netherlands I felt homesick to Portugal within literally only 20 minutes of when I arrived there, because it was so unfamiliar back ‘home’. So in a way this trip thought me that I really belonged in Portugal because that’s where I truly feel at home, I think it was a very important trip for me to reflect on. I made so many amazing memories and everyday was so exciting. I also spent 1 week in Croatia (bucket list √) with my best friends and it was really cool as well, we hired an apartment and it was another one of those adult roommate experiences. We felt so comfortable with each other, even though this was our 2nd time on vacation together it was no natural for us to make plans and spend every day together. For my last stop before going back to The Netherlands and after that back home, I went to England and spend 1 week there as well. This week for me was just a very relaxing week I tried to stay home a lot (my parents live in England so therefore a 2nd home I suppose) and I wanted to take that week to just spend some time at home with family and just relax. After that week I went back to The Netherlands and stayed with my friend again (so that was my 2nd week stay in The Netherlands) in this week I went to all kinds of places with my friend and we explored our photography bud, we did a ton of photoshoots and had a lot of fun. We tried being tourists at home basically and do all the touristy things which was a lot of fun as well. I also went to the Imagine Dragons Evolve Tour concert which was really cool. It was a really cool vibe to have so many people there just being in peace and actually have something in common (#1 reason why I love going to concerts). I wrapped the month up by going back to Portugal. I was really sad to leave my family and friends again but it makes it 10 times better next time we see each other again. I will always remember this month as a period of self-growth and trying to become more independent and explore more corners of the world.

I should probably also mention that the first weeks of June and July I had spent happily lying on the beach and not worrying about exams and homework, binge watching a ton of series, which was quite nice. So, moving on to the now and future, I am now in my second year of uni, which is really exciting. The first year went by so quickly and I passed all my classes with flying colours I’m looking forward to this year and also more personal growth.

Well, I guess I will let you go now after all that rambling, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I will write you in the next one! 🙂

Top 5 Favourite Tv-series


Hey everyone! For today I have a breakdown of my top 5 favourite tv-shows. I, like many others, love binge watching a tv-show and I just love cozy-ing up in the evening and enjoy watching a show with a cup of tea and relax. Anyway, I thought I’d break it down and give you some recommendations if you are like me and love discovering new ones too! I also don’t have any specific order for these since I love every single one equally.

  • #1 Friends

Yes, Friends. I don’t think I need to explain why, I mean this show is amazing and sets the bar high for a lot of other shows. The show follows 6 friends, two of which are siblings. The show takes you through their lives as they live together. It’s just such a like-able show, you just kind of get sucked in I guess. I like, like I met your mother, that the show is full of inside jokes and that’s one of the things that makes it my favourite. This brings us to my next one….

  • #2 How I Met Your Mother

Just like Friends. A classic. Like I said, previously the inside jokes in this show make it so enjoyable. I think that this is mostly because I talk with friends about the shows and the inside jokes and it’s like our little secrets, I don’t know, I can’t really explain. The story starts of by Ted Mosby telling his kids about how he met their mother, the more the show goes on it just follows his life and his 4 best friends. They experience a lot together and the relationships that build up in between. I was actually really angry at the ending but I won’t spoil anything so you’ll just have to find out..

  • #3 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time was actually recommended to me and I recommend it to you. Anybody who loves fantasy shows or fantasy stories, will be hooked on this show. The way that the creators of this show intertwine relations between the characters and how the storyline is the characters from the original stories but changed into this magical new storyline is just created so amazingly.

It has all the original fairy-tale characters that live in the real world without knowing it through a spell the Evil Queen put up. Regina Mills (The Evil Queen in fairy tale world) adopts a son which is actually the daughter (Emma Swan) of Prince Charming and Snow White. In the beginning it just follows the boy trying to convince Emma that she can break the spell. I guess you’ll have to follow the season to see what happens next :).

  • #4 The Walking Dead

I know that the Walking Dead gets a lot of hate (which I really don’t understand why, but to each their own) but it’s honestly such a good show. I do agree with some people that the show goes on about certain things for too many episodes but I feel like it kind of needs that, there’s already so much happening and like rushing things rather than spending time on the little details doesn’t make it better, I like it this way. My heart breaks every time a character dies but it is a really good show and it has some really strong characters.

It’s about a post-zombie apocalyptic world and it follows Rick Grimes and the people he meets along the way to save place where he can bring up his son and later his/Shane’s daughter. The keep moving to new places as the keep getting attacked or get into unsafe situations.

  • #5 Poldark (2015)

I feel like not a lot of people know this show, but it’s really good. The storyline is set in the 18th century and it follows Ross Poldark and his life. Ross returns from war and tries to set his life back up and finds out that his old girlfriend marries his cousin (it gets messy) and then his business rival marries her as well, anyway there’s so much that happens and it’s only on its 3th season (starting it’s 4th).

It has a really good storyline actually and I feel like it deserves more love. It’s prefect for people who enjoy watching historical drama’s.

Happy Watching 🙂